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 Proven Businessman

Brandon is a small business owner who leads Ralph’s Market, a grocery store chain based in Ascension Parish that employs more than 250 people across four locations, with revenues exceeding $50 million. As the owner of Ralph’s, he has received numerous local, state, and national awards for excellence in business. He is a member of the National Grocers Association, as well as the Louisiana Retailers Association. 


Brandon, a graduate of St. Amant High School, attended Louisiana State University where he studied Business Administration. During his time at LSU, he interned with both the Republican National Committee and the Heritage Foundation. Today, when he’s not at Ralph’s, he can be found spending time with his wife, the love of his life, Katie Keller Trosclair, and their two children: Brianna, 11, and Peyton, 8. They attend Family Worship Center.


“Our state is listed last in almost every good category - traffic, education, and jobs,” Brandon said. “The people in our district who work hard to support their family, they deserve much better. They deserve better than a government gone wild, spending every dollar it takes from our hardworking people. We all deserve a government that cuts taxes, a state that gets out of the way of business and a culture that values hard work and sweat equity.”

☑︎ Pro-Life, Pro-Gun, Supports Smaller Government

☑︎ Conservative Republican Who Supports Our President

☑︎ Supports our Businesses and Industries in Ascension

☑︎ Top Priority: Making Sure Our Transportation Dollars

Go To Building Roads, Not Just Salaries/Consultants

Brandon is a major supporter of the 2nd Amendment and pro-life policies. He also believes that able-bodied welfare recipients should be required to find and hold a job. As a legislator, he says that one of his top priorities will be to force government to spend transportation dollars on roads and bridges, not government salaries. Lastly, Trosclair stated he would work to ensure those who commit government fraud are sent to jail, especially those who steal from the Medicaid program.


“If you want an outsider who has experience writing paychecks, creating jobs and running a successful business, please vote for and support my campaign,” Trosclair said. “Look, having a businessman serve as President is working out pretty well; and, I have a feeling it would work out well for the State Representative position too.”


The election for State Representative is October 12;

Early Voting is September 28 - October 5.

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